The Art of the Possible – Building an AI application: Introducing Lucy, a cognitive companion built with IBM Watson

February 28, 2017 9:15 am - 10:00 am

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Dan Mallin

Experience an AI application, built from the ground up to enable marketers to leverage the knowledge of their enterprise. Never before have we collected more data, yet when an individual needs to use the knowledge extracted from the data, they are more likely to use Google than access the multiple internal systems that house enterprise data. Dark Data is all of the data a company has created, commissioned, leased or acquired that is mostly unavailable to employees. It includes structured or tabular data (Databases, Spreadsheets) and unstructured data (Presentations, Word Documents, PDF’s). In his keynote, Dan Mallin will explain how Lucy allows employees access to dark data through a single interface. She is used by marketers for research, segmentation and planning. Even if you are not a Marketer, this will help you understand the art of the possible with AI.